Yogaheart Yoga Training

Yogaheart Yoga Training (YYT) in the Ancient Tradition

This 7-month 100-hour Yogaheart Yoga Training (YYT) program is a sister program to the Yogaheart Yoga Teacher Training (YYTT). YYT delivers a full and comprehensive training with the exception of the teaching methodology component. Set in the beautiful atmosphere of the Oakwood House on Lake Banook in Dartmouth NS, this journey is tailored for those looking for a deeper experience and practice of yoga within a small group setting.

For those who are looking to reconnect, learn and grow within a supportive container, through the deep teachings of yoga, this program brings conscious, grounded living into day-to-day life.

Upon graduation, participants receive a certificate of completion. If down the road graduates choose Yogaheart Teacher Training, YYT100 can be added to your certification in the form of a 300-hour diploma.

Frequently Asked Questions

YYT Sessions, Classes & Modules

Self-discovery and development through teachings, practices, dialogues and exercises in the pursuit of understanding, transformation and growth.

Deepening knowledge, practice, and experience of the plentiful gifts that yoga has to offer.

Benefiting from support and skillful, experienced guidance to foster lasting confidence and commitment to conscious living.

Dive Into The Yoga Tradition

The practice of Hatha, Pranayama, and Raja Yoga, as well as specialty practices will be explored.

Comprehensive courses on Anatomy, Nutrition, Lifestyle, as well as specialty courses will be offered such as Mandala Drawing, Chanting, the Chakra system, and much more.

Focusing on Yoga philosophy, history, spirituality, and meditation, yoga is a system of self-verification. The contemplative track will be open ended and driven by the participants own interest. Yoga is not a belief system, but an investigative system towards greater Self-understanding, and ultimately realization and enlightenment. The contemplative track will unfold uniquely for each participant depending on their own interest and exploration.

This program has been specially designed based on the truth of yoga and the need for supportive environments for deepening our commitment to ourselves in challenging times. You will know in your heart if this course is for you. I hope you can join us. Thank you for your interest in this new and exciting program.” ~ Mandee

Program Fee

The cost of this 7-month program is $1950. Find out about payment plans and our Scholarship Program for those who require financial assistance. If this interests you, please inquire.


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