Classes Online

Hello Friends,

The world can shift quickly, and within all of us is not only incredible adaptability and strength, but even deeper is uncaused peace and stability. The deeper tradition of yoga and meditation helps us re-discover the depth we have within… and how to live from it. We discover that it was our very own selves we wanted to come home to. That what we have been looking for all along was within.

There is a new Online class schedule of classes with Mandee here for you. If you have never taken an Online class, your first session is free.

Then, You Choose:
a) I’d like to attend any class of the week, unlimited –> $40
b) I’d like to attend 3 or less classes this week –> $20
c) I’d like to drop in to one class –> $10
d) I’d like to make a payment arrangement or defer payment

All options are valid. If you make a payment arrangement, please let me know directly.
* All situations are important and valid, and can be worked through. Just let me know what you decide based on the upcoming schedule and the payment options. If you feel that Yogaheart Online will meet you where you need to be met right now, do come. There may be a bit of a hurdle for some to get the technology going at first, but once you get the hang of it–it has proven to be a really sweet thing we CAN do together. And I’m coming up with new ideas all the time, so jump on the journey in, and check it out for yourself.

How to pay:

Honour – System – “You pay, you count.”
All payments will be recorded in your name and 15% of your payment is for HST and will be sent to the Canada Revenue Agency.

1 – Payments can be paid directly via e-transfer TO
2 – Or through Paypal. Both online options are good. Let me know if your preferred method is not listed here.
3 – You can also mail to: 3-644 Portland St., #229, Dartmouth NS B2W 2M3

How to tune in:

1 – Download Zoom Cloud Meeting free app from the app store on your phone or tablet.
– or Download Zoom app for your computer from .

2 – When you log in:

  • MEETING ID: 902 229 9642
    or click here:
    Join Zoom Meeting
  • Please type your name. it is appreciated knowing who joins the group.
  • Check your video and audio settings.
    – you are welcome to keep your video camera on or off at any time.
    – it is so nice when we can see each other, but you are also welcome turn it on or off.
  • All microphones must be muted, unless you would like to speak to the group.
  • Changing your video settings or joining or leaving the group does not distract the group. You are welcome to leave the broadcast at any time without worry.

It would be a pleasure to see you at one of the upcoming events. Let me know if you have any questions.