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Hello Yogaheart Friend,

Thank you for stopping by! I am happy to be able to offer a variety of online possibilities for you to choose from.

At the moment, all classes ONLINE. ALL CLASSES are listed in ATLANTIC TIME ZONE. If you are in Eastern Time, the class is one hour earlier than the posted time.

  • Currently, our WEEKLY SCHEDULE is now published and you are welcome to attend on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • You can register and pay for a class by clicking HERE.

Please feel welcome to attend and to reach out if you have any questions.

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HATHA YOGA – In the Hatha Yoga classes the focus is on the physical, and enjoying the teachings of yoga in terms of what it can do for the body.

PEACEFUL RESTORATIVE – In the Peaceful Restorative, we create a condition for the body and mind to hopefully be able to rest and relax a little. Tuesdays the focus is more on things you can do for anxiety, Thursdays the focus is more on guided relaxation experience.

DIRECT PATH – The opposite of Direct is not Indirect but Progressive. One could say we often approach yoga with the idea that someday, it’ll be better. These classes are an opportunity to explore yoga and meditation from the Direct Path, not Progressive. Each week we will look into what this means through our own experience.