Week one at Pyramid Yoga Center

After arriving at Pyramid Yoga last weekend and settling in, it was amazing to see David, my original yoga teacher after all this time. I had no idea what to expect really, because other than the odd email, I hadn’t seen him in 15 years.  I decided not to give in to the mind that wonders ahead of 20160124_114527time, and when I finally ran into him it was like no time had passed. He greeted me with a hug and asked me if I was comfortable here. Wow, how could I not be comfortable? I’ve got a nice bungalow with its own kitchen and washroom. It has a balcony with a hammock, and did I forget to mention that it’s on a tropical island in the Bay of Thailand? “Oh David, yes. It’s wonderful here.”

I have had this trip in mind for many years. It was just never the right time, and honestly I don’t know why this happens to be the right time, but obviously it is because it happened. I also had some ideas of what I want to receive from this course, but it is such a good practice to drop expectations. This way we can always be pleasantly surprised. So after an orientation, our weekly program began. I start at 5 am with pranayama breathing techniques until 6, then a half our of meditation, then morning yoga until 8:30 am when we break for breakfast. Then usually a talk from David from 10 until noon. It’s been so good to hear him speak again from the yogic perspective on aspects of health and well-being. He is truly captivating and the time flies when he’s teaching.

Lunchtimes have been wonderful too, because we are given a 3 hour lunch break. After a day or two of 3 hours for lunch, it’s a wonder why this isn’t yttgroupthe standard, because it’s so healthy and human to take time in the middle of the day to eat and rest, and maybe do a thing or two that needs doing before going back to whatever you do. I’d say most of the lunches, I’ve skipped the yummy food at the Pyramid and taken a drive into town. I even tried one of the many Thai Massage clinics during lunch on Thursday, and it was amazing. After an hour, they charge 250 baht ($10). Needless to say, I’ll be back! We have more fun classes and yoga in the afternoons, and sometimes an evening class too. Yoga is one of those things, that if you like it, you can do it a lot and for many hours.

This weekend however, we all started a cleanse together as a group. We ate papaya for 2 days, then one day just water, and then today we had vegetable juices and broth. I’ve done a lot of fasts and cleanses over the years, and I must say this one is going well as I feel very steady, happy, and not too hungry if you can believe it. Week two now begins. I’m so happy to be here doing yoga 24/7. I’ll send another little update within the week. Stay tuned!