Walking Bodhi and Nature’s Medicine


I am grateful for my gratitude… most of the time I look around in absolute awe.  Gratitude doesn’t necessarily just happen naturally, but also not something I could say I personally created in myself either.  It seems to be a grace that appreciation is a fairly constant feeling in my body/mind regardless of the circumstance.  I realize it is something I cannot make myself feel, unless I am feeling it…   so I am very grateful for my gratitude.

Perhaps this grace floods into my life because I, at the very least, allow myself to do certain things that I know are good for me.  I am clear that this is not selfish nor indulgent, but it is actually the very best way to assist Life as a whole, thus unselfish really.  This is good news.

One thing that seems to nourish my well being and fertilizes my gratitude is walking in nature with my dog, Bodhi (Bo-Dee).  It is simply an excuse to appease my mental agenda to say that I must spend over an hour a day in the woods because he needs it, but in truth, I need it too.  I need to move my body and my energy, connect with nature, and breathe good air at least once a day.  It is obvious when he has gone without a walk, because he gets agitated and ‘wiggy’, but when humans behave this way we look for all kinds of complicated reasons as to why, when the answer might be very, very simple.  Instead of reaching for short term distractions, our greatest relief may lie in absolute simplicity…  walking, relaxing, and doing less.  It has been said that one of the biggest obstacles of enlightenment is its simplicity.

So really, my dog takes me walking. 🙂

Nature is strong medicine and given free of charge without negative side effects.  It is out of which we came to be here individually and collectively, it is our natural home.  When I am out in the forest, trees do not remind me of my stories, rocks won’t indulge me in my biases, the wind just won’t reminisce with me…  and what I am left with is Life-As-It-Is.  On the other hand, trees do remind me of great wisdom, patience, and unconditional love.  They are my elders, my teachers, and they will listen to my questions and give me honest answers.  Rocks offer me strength and experience to navigate obstacles without anywhere lay blame.  And the wind dances through me, clearing me out for each new breath, clearing my mind like it clears the sky of clouds.

Next time you need to reach for something to feel better, what are you going to reach for?  Perhaps you’ll take a moment to just pause and take a deep breath before you decide.  You may notice how quietly and patiently all of Life is reaching for you…  beckoning you to breathe it into your heart and let yourself be nourished.  ♥

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