Song of Truth

Shunryu Suzuki once said ‘the whole universe tells the truth to the whole universe.’  I have often thought of those words and have glimpsed their deep meaning…  but never so clearly as last Saturday afternoon on a hill overlooking Lawrencetown beach.  The sun was shining bright and there was an unusually warm pleasant wind dancing around me for a mid-February day.  What a glorious day to just sit.

Listening to the sound of the ocean waving to the shore, and then the sounds of the rocks being drawn down and back in, I was completely entertained.  With these rhythms and patterns of nature’s music accented by the passing birds and bending of grass and trees filling my senses, Suzukis’ words came to mind.  I noticed that the rocks don’t ask the ocean ‘why?’  And yet, they are in constant communication, each speaking absolute truth to one another, always.  I saw that all things are like this, communicating fully, in a language of being.

When the volume of minds’ questions and answers subsides and I just listen, I can hear the One Song.  The perpetual and everchanging melody of the universe.  The sound of all things, in honest, open, and beautiful communication with all things.