Sometimes the simplest option is the way to go, but the hardest to see.  We live buried under such mountains of information that we can easily miss the quiet wisdom of present moment knowing.  Truth is, we know exactly what we need to know moment after moment, we just don’t often give ourselves enough pause, breath, and trust to connect with what we know.

We love to laugh when children state the obvious without hesitation, but it’s only funny because we missed it.  My question is, at what age do we, should we, stop looking at the world and our lives so innocently honestly?  Yoga’s amazingness offers us not only the opportunity to strengthen our muscles, but our abilities as well.  Each session we strengthen our ability to be present and see through the myriad of conflicting ideas we hold about it all.  Yoga encourages us to keep coming back to the simple sense of this moment where all is always revealing itself patiently, lovingly.