Writing about Yoga of Awakening

Yoga of Awakening

In pausing…
…we can notice something that can only barely be described as a silent, transparent, great openness.

Just that, a pause.
Not a doing!
 Actually it is a not-doing. In this stopping, the uncaused peace, freedom, happiness, can appear from always here.

This everywhere openness is often associated with Meditation and the seated position. When we find ourselves just sitting, that is, when the body and mind is at ease enough to wakefully rest, there is a greater chance of glimpsing this peace. So, if this is a process, in the beginning, it can be helpful to practice. Yoga of Awakening offers Yoga & Inquiry. 

1. Inquiry. Inquiry is the willingness to question regardless of how uncomfortable that may be. We learn to appreciate our mind for how it functions, why it’s doing what it doing, and why we believe the things we do… and if there is a balancing heart space in which this inquiry occurs… we may begin to smile, seeing the innocence of how it unfolds as it does… all the while a gradual releasing may be occuring [ie. releasing energetic/mental tensions]

2. Yoga. Yoga is effort toward mastery of your physical life in all aspects. Hatha Yoga is the health and wellbeing of the body [ie. releasing physical tensions]. Although Hatha Yoga is the most popular form of yoga in the West, we may be starting to realize that all aspects of our day to day life is our yoga practice. 

Yoga of Awakening combines these two in a way that holds a space for our unfoldment. 

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