Morning Prayer

peaceCelebrating Solstice
The mystery dawns a shorter day… how wonderful to have eyes to see it all appear!
I sit here this morning. Inhalation, exhalation. What else is there really?

Moments like sunrise, sunset, have such potency for seeing deeply… Am i really seeing this? Do you see this? What’s most important to me?

When questions like these come to the forefront, let the mind relax. It is more to touch a living answer with one’s own heart! With honest experience, we are willing to not know in order to know what we’ve always known. It’s all unimaginably ok.

Pause often. Let’s relax into the sweet sphere of our actual surroundings
…unadorned          of past conclusions.

Let’s turn off the TV type noises
…often. And notice the quiet and the song.

In this gentle step back, naturally becoming better friends with ourselves,
thus the world.

Peace within.