Happy New Moment!

Although most of us celebrate New Years on one day in January, we might also like to acknowledge that every day, every moment really, is fresh, brand new. This is not just some lofty idea or a nice thing to say, but when you reflect on newness, it is actually happening all the time.

At first glance maybe this sounds weird. Nothing seems new! We wake up most days and slide into our daily patterns and on one level, this is very healthy. It’s one of the things we try to provide for our children and our pets, some sense of stability and routine. The heart beats, the body has a rhythm, the planets and stars follow precise patterns and cycles, and yet today could never be like yesterday, maybe the same, but never the same.

What seems to happen though, is in our current busy world of rushing within our routines, we tend to be on autopilot. While we are doing something, we are already planning the next thing or reflecting on the last thing. But freshness or newness does not reside in our thoughts about past or future, rather it is something that can be sensed, experienced, precisely when we take time to slow down, breathe, and notice the aliveness, the newness that flows within the patterns.

Some may even suggest that this is, in fact, what we are, the freshness in the form, the aliveness in the story.


Yoga and meditation is a wonderful method that helps us to take ourselves off autopilot and wake up to the freshness of our aliveness in the newness. Happy New Moment Everyone!! Peaceful blessings and good wishes to you today and everyday. namaste’

Good thing yoga classes are starting this week! ;o)