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… here is an excerpt from the March 2011 | YOGAHEART e-newsletter:

True Peace has little to do with outside circumstances… I am forever amazed with the unceasing waves of experience.  Some waves can be quite thrilling and others, well, some waves can be quite uncomfortable.  Yoga & Meditation does not smooth out the ocean, but raises a mast.  A steady center, not free from the movement, but free to sail into beautiful expanse, upright and present.

True Silence has little to do with sound... this Universe is humming with unending activity.  Even in the meditation halls, the walls are alive, the heart beats, the mind thinks its neverending story.  Yoga & Meditation does not blot out the noise, but reveals a grand Symphony! This shift in perspective calms the sound of Resistance and brings a space of Silence that is free to hear the music of life.

True Nature has little to do with who you think you are… a table is not a table, a bird is not a bird. These are the definitions we use to help us to communicate.  Although communication has great functionality, simultaneously everything is ultimately free of our ideas about them.  It can be mind-blowing to discover that this includes ourselves!  For so long we have been living our lives based on who we think we are and what we think this is. Yoga & Meditation can spark an inquiry into the definitions of life where we begin to see that, naturally and innocently, our conceptual framework of thoughts and ideas have been passed down, and haven’t come from direct seeing. When we discover the empty aspect of ourselves in the here and now, we find a spacious presence, our True Nature, that is not only, not boxed in by identity, but cannot even be described. Instead of allowing the mind to yet again, try to define it, Yoga & Meditation helps us to sense Nature, Peace, and Silence, and to acknowledge that this is the life we’ve been living all along.

~ Mandee