YYTT Scholarships

What is the YYTT Scholarship Program?

A limited number of scholarships will be made available each year, so that interested participants have the opportunity to receive financial help to take the training. This type of scholarship consists of 10%, 20%, or sometimes 30% reductions in tuition, depending on the situation. This program is made available to those whose only barrier to embarking on the journey is financial. Scholarships may also be considered for those bringing skills, work, or experience relevant to the program.

By applying for scholarship, you lower your monetary contribution, and instead offer to contribute otherwise through tasks, skills, experience, and work exchange programs. The scholarship program contributes to the management of the overall program.

In order to apply for a scholarship:

First, apply to the Yogaheart Yoga Teacher Training program. Scholarship decisions are not made prior to receiving your  application. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please submit it with or following your YYTT application. Thank you.

To download a copy of the application, click here: yytt-scholarship-application 2017

Apply Now

Only a limited number of Scholarships are available.
Let us know about how the scholarship program will help you to attend YYTT 2017 this Fall.