What a Great Week!

I must say, it sure is sweet to be back. The first week of classes have been pure joy! As promised, here is a link to the story of Lester Levenson, an ordinary man suffering a series of physical illnesses, woke up to his true nature simply by recognizing that when he was loving, he was free.

Lester Levenson’s story of Awakening.

Also, I’d like to let everyone know that this weekend, I will be hosting the Nonduality Satsang in Halifax. This event is free, and it runs from 7pm until 9pm, and it is located in the George Wright House at the corner of Young and Inglis. You can find out more information by visiting the meetup site, or you can email me directly. This Sunday evening’s session is called Yoga, Peace, and Presence. Please feel free to attend. Doors will be wide open.


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