Welcome NSTU!!

Hello Teachers!
What a joy and privilege it will be to stretch together again this Fall! Teachers of the world are SO important as they take care of both our today and tomorrow through the gift of sharing and creativity. The work that goes into teaching is sometimes underestimated, but not by Yogaheart. It will be very rewarding to give back to the teachers of our communities by offering some techniques that restore energy and vitality, while also providing some rest and relaxation. As we all do our parts, the ripple goes out everywhere. We are all very much connected. See you soon!! Let me know if you have any questions about locations, dates, times, or class content, I’d be happy to hear from you by email (link to email address is listed above) or telephone.

If you click on this picture, it is linked to Taylor Mali reciting his poem called “What Teachers Make.” (Warning… the recording is a little loud. You may wish to turn your speakers down a bit to listen to this AMAZing and inspiring performance.)