Welcome NSTU!!!

YOGAHEART once again Welcomes Teachers!!! It is a true pleasure to share the gift of rest and rejuvenation with those who teach our children and youth. Many of us may not realize how much teachers do, the extent of what they experience, and what a valuable contribution they make. It is easier for all of us to do what we do when we are well-rested and feel good. When teachers feel good, everyone benefits. YOGAHEART happily open the doors to NSTU. If you are a member of Halifax County Local, you should be receiving details and information in today’s Monday Memo.

In case you’re interested: Last year at this time I posted this youtube clip of Taylor Mali, teacher/slam poet. Taylor, amongst other things, wanted to inspire his students to also become teachers and started a project called 1000 Teachers. Teachers are awesome. Happy Fall Season Everyone! See you on the mat!