We Are Always Right Here

No matter where we are, we are always right here. Never before has it been more apparent, at least in my lifetime. There are a lot of opinions about things circulating these days, predictions, ideas, causes, solutions, fears, hopes…. so much, but the truth that the Wisdom traditions have always been pointing out is that we never really know what is next. This is always the case. We’ve never been in control. One thing that has always been though, is an opportunity to truly be here, with ourselves, in the moment and to find okayness right where you are.

And not just that, this could be a great time!

Things are still very much changing day by day in this global situation. We are adapting globally, nationally, locally, individually…..  and this is an incredible opportunity actually. Many are reflecting on how much we are all learning at this time, and how much is being revealed to us. Change brings fear and there are things we can do to help this world and it starts at home. How we are with ourselves, within ourselves, and with each other has a tremendous effect on what happens.

When people wonder, “what is going to happen?” This is a creative moment. From where you choose to take your stand in this moment gives shape to the next. The beauty of what we do here at Yogaheart is that we take care of ourselves in a profound way, and we pave the way for wisdom to flow through our lives, through the good times and times of challenge.

The beauty of life is not in what happens, but how we are in it, with it.

You see, how you see has a profound effect on everything from how you live, to what you say, to what you do, to how you sleep. This season, let’s keep leaning into dissolving some of the unnecessary fears and misunderstandings we may be carrying in order to lighten our lives through all kinds of weather. It can be a little grey in the Maritimes in the Spring, but it is the rain that brings the flowers, so let us, together, see deeply during this time of global need.