The YOGAHEART Spring 2013 newsletter…

signofspring… is about to arrive in your inbox to start off your week with some good news! Included you will find information about the new 5 week cycle of classes about to begin this first week of MARCH! As well as some other things, including a free meditation sound clip. If you are on the newsletter list, be sure that the email we have for you is current, and that your spam settings don’t deflect the newsletter to your recycle bin.

The online calendar is also currently being updated with detailed information, so please check back again soon.

What fun to always start, and start again. To start fresh. Each day, each moment, a fresh start.
This SPRING I would really like to encourage everyone to come on out for some good wholesome yoga fun. We have every level available, plus this term will include some specialty classes and more! I set the price of the classes to reflect what I myself would find affordable to be able to attend on a twice a week basis. Yoga twice a week is literally, more than twice the benefit. Once a week is sufficient, but twice (or more) a week is a really neat thing to try. That’s why we have the twice a week option at the generously affordable fee of $70 for 5 weeks. Participants are always welcome to pay more if that feels right too! For those where financial matters are an obstacle to attending Yoga class, there is always a welcome pay-what-you-can option available. This is obviously not a standard business model. It’s nice to be flexible! 😀

Let me know what you think of all this!

Also, you may or may not have noticed that there is a comments section to this website. My web designer thinks we should take down the website because we are not using it’s capabilities, and turn it into a regular WordPress blog. What do you think? Would you like to start using the site to comment or post things of your own? Do you have any suggestions about what I could do with the site or how we could use it together to a greater community advantage?

I welcome ideas, collaborators, those who wish to help organize workshops, dances, meditations, etc. Those who have administrative skills, production or promotion skills, anything really. If you feel an urge or desire to grow or promote yoga and meditation with Yogaheart, let me know.


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