The Desire for Truth

One good thing about how confused our world seems right now, is that we can see right before our eyes, how dangerous opinions can be.

Strong opinions. Left opinions. Right opinions. Opinions based on facts. Opinions based on… well, opinions. There are many kinds! And the only reason I say dangerous, is that it seems that we would even kill each other based on opinions.

When we say on the direct path, the love of “truth”, it is not a love for something. Truth here in this sense is not a position we take on something in the world, but it’s  more of an orientation in the moment itself in your experience. Truth is not something we know intellectually, it is more about knowing how little we know actually.


So when I say “one good thing about the seemingly confused world we live in right now”, is we can see how flimsy opinions actually are.


And this is a glimpse when you see it for yourself.


When you see that the world is much more mysterious that we think, our righteous sense of certainty about things can relax a little. There are many ways to relax, and this is a good one!


For isn’t it true that it could all be a dream? Could, no need to conclude by saying it’s all a dream, but it could be a dream, right? Isn’t that true? Haven’t you ever woken in the morning and were surprised you were just dreaming? It felt so real. Being in that openness of not knowing if this is a dream or not helps us release into a type of freedom from the weight of our own conclusions, if we are willing to let ourselves be uncertain in this way.

And so when politically we say, you have your truth and I have mine, we are talking about our opinions. It seems nice that in today’s world we try to be respectful of so many differing opinions. When spiritually we say, the love of truth or the desire for truth, we are not talking about the known. We are talking about a willingness to be open. We are talking about a mysterious interest in something deeper than our mental conclusions about life. We are not talking about the flimsy ways we find our way in our lives, we are talking about the deeper questions such as who am I and what is really going on here?