photo 03 radioYOGAHEART RADIO is a program which features an ecclectic array of music ranging from local artists, to Sanskrit chants, to Desi-influenced beats, to Beck. Hosted by the free spirited DJ Yogini Moon, tune in every second Wednesday for an afternoon sometimes inspiring and calming, sometimes super fun and upbeat, and sometimes thought and paradigm provoking too! …who knows what you’re going to get when spontaneity is a part of the practice? This program is an afternoon hang out place for all who hold joy, peace, and freedom in their hearts, tune in and let’s hang out together for a while in the sweetness of being.

Every second Wednesday @ 2:30pm Atlantic Standard Time.
Upcoming shows: July 16 & 30, 2014

During the broadcast, access the broadcast live here.
Missed the episode? Visit and select Program Archives to listen or download.

RadioTime or TuneIn Radio are other good online resources for listening to radio from around the world.