After many years of experience supporting and guiding those who prefer one-to-one sessions, I’ve observed how incredibly far-reaching the benefits of personalized support can be.

What makes private sessions effective?

The strength of these sessions comes from the broad spectrum of tools available to us. There is an incredible array of ways in and through, through yoga, meditation, nondual spirituality traditions, my degree in Psychology, as well as 20-years of experience studying, practicing and teaching.

All sessions come from a wholistic approach to wellbeing and are offered in the spirit of kindness and understanding, and in the context of the love of truth and the direct path.

These sessions are dedicated time to share in the investigation of truth, true nature; and whether your focus is mental/emotional/physical health or spiritual – drawing from several traditions we can explore your current situation.

With Mandee’s experienced and gentle approach:

Sessions are available for individuals, couples, families, or organizations.

I have had the opportunity to work with Mandee one-to-one online for the past three years.  During this time, Mandee’s empathic and compassionate nature helped me navigate concerns around emotion regulation, parenting, grieving, to name a few.  She has introduced me to the importance of self-compassion and learning to forgive one’s self…”hand on my heart” continues to be my mantra.  Thank you Mandee for sharing such comforting and worldly wisdom.” ~ P.S.

Sessions with Mandee have been very beneficial to my spiritual journey and healing. She gently guides me deeper inwards supporting my experience of seeing other perspectives or possibilities. It surprised me how deep the inner shifts are. Transformations experienced continue to transpire long after a session and become the new way of being. Sessions with Mandee are like noticing seeds of what I already have within, and through a heartfelt conversation, even long after our session, I am able to continue to nurture the awareness that came through our conversation into deeper understanding.” ~ Natalie 

“Mandee is very understanding, open and non-judgemental. I could talk about feelings and there were no expectations. We’ve discussed many subjects or no subjects, it was my choice and it was ok. Or I could just listen to her and accept whatever I chose to take from the session, and that was ok too. Just having an understanding ear listening, is a wonderful feeling. I would absolutely recommend sessions with Mandee if you are in need of someone who is soft, caring and can help guide you through difficult moments.” ~ J.T.



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