Monday Evening at CHP

Seeing that there is a week break in the classes at the Hall in Dartmouth, if you are missing your class this week and would like to try a class at Cole Harbour Place, you are certainly invited. It’s a nice facility and the room we use is equipped with yoga blocks and mats. It’s $11 at the front desk and the 6-7:30pm class is a gentle level 1 and the 7:30-9pm class is a fun yoga intermediate session.

If you have any questions you can call CHP 464-5100.

omYoga uncovers a peace and freedom we may not have expected to find. The fitness aspect certainly has a tremendous value with respect to our health and well being, and yet it’s really the peace and freedom that we find in Yoga that helps us to continue to make good choices and experience more happiness on a day to day basis. We know in our hearts and minds what is needed to live well, to love well.  These ancient practices can help us to rediscover and realign with our own wisdom within… which is a sweet homecoming.
Peace, Freedom, Health & Well Being…  namaste’