The gift of meditation is the gift of life.

Meditation offers a possibility of being right where we are

with whatever is happening,

and to be able to breathe and be ok.


In the world today, this might be the most important skill we can develop.


In my experience it wasn’t easy when I first started. I knew it was important, but it was the last thing I wanted to do. I tried many techniques and learned from many teachers, but it wasn’t until I met my teacher that it really became a living experience.


You see, the truth is, meditation can be a practice like anything else, but when it really comes to life is when we begin to understand ourselves, our lives, and when we begin to notice what the mind does and why. Through understanding, things begin to change.


So on one hand, yes, we will practice meditation together. But on the other hand, when meditation really starts to pick up in our lives is when we begin to trust ourselves and life. The thoughts actually miraculously begin to change and serve our new understanding. We are not slaves to our mind. Our mind is a slave to what we believe about life, the world, and ourselves.


Meditation is a possibility for great transformation and it can be much easier than we think. ;o)