Living Intentionally… without Attachment?

Sitting here, I light my morning candle.

Being open to a little quiet. Checking in.
Each day, a new discovery!


Intentional Living, when it’s coming from the right place, is not a discipline–but instead, a joy and a kindness. And it’s more real. It has more openness in it.

It can easily become a chore if we turn it into self-improvement, for although it does seem we are working with the mind and our thoughts, we are not. We are working with life. We are not trying to control. We are simply finding our way, day by day.

I like it because it gives me a healthy structure. Having a candle ceremony can be a fun “practice”. Instead of a top-down approach, here we listen for what bubbles up from wisdom, in the spirit and environment that we create for ourselves each day.


To join this upcoming monthly class, you just have to pop in and give it a try. Learning self-compassion and how to show ourselves a little more understanding, our life learnings become more like adventures than obstacles. We begin to remember that life is right here in the middle of our day-to-day lives and we are here to learn and grow, but from the right place! We CAN remember how it felt as children, waking up excited, ready for anything.

The “practice” of living intentionally here with us, is fun and life-affirming, letting our wisdom guide us.


So please do, join in if you like, any last Monday of the month if you would like to learn more about our Candle ceremony and feel supported in your life.

In February, we will be introduced to our Intentional Living Calendar. Leading in to new and more fun topics throughout the year. Together we can discover things for ourselves that might be helpful and supportive as we make our way through any situations that may arise in the coming year.