Hello from the South West!

It is quite something to be surrounded by California license plates and desert cactus flowers here in Temecula on retreat. Week two began this evening and my time here with Francis and the community is beyond my no expectations. It is hard to describe how fortunate I am to have found myself here with a teacher of what is referred to as the ‘direct path’. That is, the path that points to Sahaja Samadhi, true nature. We all glimpse it at times… like just as we fall asleep every night, and for a brief millisecond between the mind letting go and being asleep is a profound relaxation and freedom and ease. Thats it. It’s not about fixing things, improving one’s outlook, or any such thing, but rather the ease of being that is Happiness itself.

I’ll be on my way back in a week and look forward to sharing some of the sweetest things with all of you in the context of yoga, meditation, and breathing. In the end, why do we do any of what we do?

Happiness. True happiness. It is available. It is possible. It can be found. It can be lived. It is yoga in as it was always meant to be.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

namasté, Mandee