Happy Monday :)

Wishing you all a wonderful week as we enter the second week of five for Summer yoga & meditation. Not sure if you were there last Tuesday/Thursday, but wow, that was fun! It was so nice to see everyone! 🙂  I aim for a few basic things in the yoga classes…  a good balance between fun, rest, & relaxation, and active, strong, & flowing. In meditation, simply resting as the natural state. All of this… within the context of a comfortable and safe environment.

Just sharing a thought: For any of us individually or collectively, a certain amount of relaxation is required for creativity, growth, and evolution. When we are tense or fearful or pressured, we tend to be less creative and simply do what seems to need being done. We crash each night exhausted, and so it goes. Even in yoga, I realized that even though the atmosphere can be very beautiful and peaceful, people can still be holding onto a lot of stress and involved in self-critical thinking. If there is one objective in the Yogaheart classes, it is to provide a safe and supportive environment, both inside and out, for us to truly arrive, even just for a moment. Funny thing is this arrival can be in the middle of activity, and feels like a deep rest. It can be described in many ways, but one way is when we stop invalidating the moment due to our habitual drive towards wanting more of this, and less of that. When we rest like this, a deeper wisdom and stillness wakes up and becomes available to us.

It’s just pay at the door for yoga ($6) or meditation ($4) or yoga & meditation ($10). All welcome.


Here’s a sweet little video of bear cubs being rescued for a Monday morning smile.