Happy Hearts Day!!!

valentines-day-love-hearts-vectorWhat I love about Valentines day is the preponderance of hearts everywhere 😀 For a Yogaheart, this is a nice thing to see!

We are never without our one true love. Even when the mind tells a different story, love is right here listening. The one we truly love is the peace and joy we feel in tiny little moments throughout the day. It’s voice is contentment. Love shines when we glance at the landscape, and we are somehow touched by it’s beauty or it’s mysterious quality. Love is right here when we pause in our workday, and take two seconds to breathe. We say things like, I’m going to take a break, but really it’s love. When we sit down to eat, and that second we relax, because regardless what’s going on, I’m happy to have a meal in front of me, this moment is nice. I’m grateful. That’s love. Juuuust before falling asleep, when the mind drifts releasing it’s grip on the day, the body relaxes, that’s love we are noticing.

You see, it doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary and it’s not infrequent. It’s just overlooked and misattributed. When we see what love truly is and recognize the indivisible, we become available, open, and generous to our loved ones around us. In that deep recognition of the love we are made of, we look up and see that regardless of the stories they are telling, their hearts and minds and bodies are made of love too.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Come on out and celebrate the oneness of love this evening.
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