First September Tuesday

Behind a yellow bus, I made my way into town along the beautiful foggy coastal 207 early this morning. What an interesting day to observe. I sense a peace, maybe a strange relief, maybe many things during this day of return. And then I aspire to approach old routines with a freshness, with an ability to see the always new…

I’m sitting at Starbucks writing this post. I’ve just moved and I don’t yet have internet. I kinda like it without the distractions, but it makes updating the website and writing newsletters a little more challenging than they already sometimes are to get out on time or efficiently, but there you have it.

But on time or efficient aside… ¬†I did want to let everyone know that:

1. I found an amazing place to live ūüėÄ Yay! All this time I kept asking for two simple qualities; Spacious … and Inspiring. Not much to ask for, is it?

Well, did I ever receive it! It would be difficult to describe how awesomely beautiful this place is, and it features a giant living room that faces a panoramic view of Lawrencetown beach… ¬†so so so perfect for having a circle of 10 for yoga and meditation. So that being the case during the next 6 months, the home I am privileged to call my own will also serve as a Yoga & Meditation Centre. Details, photos, and class info will be listed in the upcoming Yogaheart e-Newsletter due this week (see right hand column for newsletter sign up ->).

Early info: Classes in Lawrencetown will be limited to 10 participants. First possible date, Saturday Sep 24 or Oct 1, 10am – 12 noon, followed by potluck lunch, further details TBA. Reservations being taken immediately.

2. The September Fall Yoga Season classes will start next week: Tuesday September 13 and Thursday Sept 15.

We enjoyed one late Summer session on Tuesdays that wraps up this evening! Thanks to all who came out and made it a go!

Starting Tuesday September 13th, we will begin a new 5 week session that will follow the new timings and fee structures as we had over the Summer, that is:

For the 5 week period of |¬†Sep 13 –¬†Oct 13 2011¬†:
Yoga at CC Parish Hall
Tuesdays & Thursdays
6 – 7:15 Yoga Empower Hour
7:30 – 8:45 Yoga of Awakening

Registration Fees Payable Sep 13 or 15:
Once a week or any 5 classes for $40.
Twice a week or any 10 classes for $70.
Payable anytime:
Any drop in $10.
Taxes are included.
Discounts are available upon request for various situations.

All classes welcome All Levels from beginners to long time practitioners. All classes offer the freedom to participate in a way that works for your particular highest good.
Please choose:

6:00pm class for vigorous exercise and flow.
7:30pm class for gentle, meditative.
Both classes include pranayama (breathwork), detailed yoga instruction, philosophy, meditation, and relaxation.


If you are looking for a structured Beginner or Intermediate Hatha Yoga class then please register for 10 weeks at Cole Harbour Place (464-5100 if you have any registration difficulties, please call 229-9642.) That is:

For the 5 week period of | Sep 19th РDec 4, 2011 :
Yogaheart at CHP
Sundays and Mondays:
6-7:30pm Beginner Yoga
7:30-9:00pm Intermediate Yoga

Register with Cole Harbour Place.
$109 for 10 weeks. 464-5100/229-9642

… and more! UPcoming once a month classes on Wednesday nights in Halifax at Bethany United… ¬†workshops… ¬†retreats… ¬†news… ¬†radio interviews and more! ¬†All in the next Yogaheart Newsletter coming out this week.
Let me know if you have any requests, comments, or feedback.

Namaste’ Everyone…
Mandee Moon

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