ONGOING 2014 CLASSES – CC Parish Hall, 61 Dundas, Dartmouth
July 8 –  Aug 21, 2014 – Tuesdays & Thursdays

Pricing for the Summer Term:

*Registration is valid for classes within the term, and cannot be carried over.
*Pay-what-you-can option is also available upon request.

If you have questions call 229-9642 or email: peace(at)




Tuesdays 6pm | YOGA II – Empower Yoga * Some yoga experience preferred

Fun Hatha Yoga, ideal for yogis with a little experience.  This class offers a well balanced approach to all aspects of yoga including strength, flexibility, breath, and relaxation. This class will leave you smiling and feeling great!


Tuesdays 7:30pm | Yoga & Meditation * All levels welcome.
Gentle relaxing hatha yoga for all levels. Each class offers a peaceful flow of yoga with instruction alongside meditative themes.  Direct path meditation does not require you to sit still and stop your thoughts. It is not goal oriented and does not involve belief systems. The method includes short moments of pause throughout the session. This type of practice has a profound and lasting calming effect on the nervous system, which translates into stress reduction, creating a condition for deep healing and deep peace.

Thursdays 6pm | YOGA I – Foundations * Beginners Welcome
Ideal for beginners and experienced yogis who like to take it step by step and really learn the poses, alignment, breathing techniques, and other special topics in yoga. This class will leave you feeling good and refreshed.

(This class resumes in the Fall)
YOGA III – Wildcard Yoga
* Yoga experience required

Ideal for yogis with some yoga experience.  In this class we develop true yoga mastery by increasing self knowledge, self awareness, and self appreciation. Topics discussed include: yoga history, philosopy, pranayama, chakras, as well as contemplations on equanimity and liberation, all offered through well balanced sessions of intermediate level postures and breath work.  This class will leave you feeling very strong and flexible.



In-home Yoga

Taking a private yoga lesson is quite a different experience from being part of a group in class. In a one on one lesson, the teacher’s attention is focused entirely on you and the lesson is custom tailored to your learning style, pace and needs. As a musician, I have found private yoga lessons with Mandee invaluable. The parallels one can draw between yoga and music making are endless. Mandee gives you a space to discover you unique self and provides tools and solutions for taking the resistance and fatigue out of living. The lessons themselves are fun and heartwarming too! I always walk away feeling energized and strong. I highly recommend the experience of private yoga lessons to my fellow musicians and to absolutely everyone.”
Catherine Little, cellist