Mandee Labelle, yoga teacher, writer, lover of life, love, truth and beauty.Mandee Yogaheart

The yoga tradition is a bonafide way of realizing one’s full potential. In 2011, after teaching yoga for over 10 years, Mandee met her spiritual friend and teacher Francis Lucille. This serendipitous meeting sparked a deeper experience and understanding of yoga, meditation, and life. Mandee has been attending retreats with Francis ever since and loves to bring back the gifts of this teaching to all of her offerings.  

Yoga can be a practice of exercise, health and well-being, but somehow we all seem to have a sense that there is something even deeper than wellness in the practice, but some sort of deep calm and presence. I was so fortunate to have discovered Francis for just as meditation is liberation of the mind, this yoga is a deep liberation of the body. Through this blend of Hatha and Raja yoga, Kashmiri Shaivism, and Advaita Vedanta we truly can get to the root of our tension and set ourselves free. Jean Klein was Francis’s teacher and studied from both Krishnamacharya and Dibianandapuri during his time in India. This yoga is a beautiful complement to those who have interest in Advaita Vedanta. 

Yogaheart School with Mandee Labelle offers weekly classes and private sessions both in Nova Scotia and online. She also loves to offer workshops, seminars, and certification programs in the study and practice of yoga and meditation. She blends the therapeutics of psychology, with philosophy, practice and spirituality.

Her early studies in yoga were rooted in a comprehensive study of 9 yogas through the Chakra Yoga Centre. It had a strong focus on raja yoga but in this school raja yoga as a form of concentration techniques, kriyas, and breathing techniques.

In 2014, the Yogaheart Yoga Teacher Training was developed. It emerged from a desire and a vision to create a truly supportive and noncompetitive program that would support individuals through the transformative process that learning to about yoga and teacher training can elicit. In 2018, a 100-hour sister program to the YTT was created to support learn more about yoga and dive deeper into their practice and study of yoga without a focus on how to teach yoga.

Dedicated student of yoga, life, psychology, energy, meditation, and consciousness, Mandee shares from her heart and delivers classes that suit anyone who is ready to pause–and realign with the truth within themselves. “Yoga is amazing. This wise and ancient practice offers a wide variety of methods to support healthy living and clarity of mind.  It speaks to different people in different ways. The fundamental teaching of Yoga is to discover the ultimate wisdom within your own heart. The physical practice can be joyous and rejuvenating to all levels of ability. I like to create safe, open spaces for people to find what they are looking for.”

Yogaheart was founded in 2001 by Mandee Labelle E-RYT500, and in 2014 Yogaheart grew into a Yoga School that now offers classes, teacher training, workshops and specialty programs, as well as continuing education for yoga teachers.

BA. Hons. Psychology. McGill University 2000
Certified Chakra Yoga Instructor Certification 2001