2011 New Perception – New Life | written by Leia Mango

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In this time of change, 2011 invites us to continue to step into what is new. Even though facing what is unknown holds the energy new possibility, we are also being presented with what it feels like to remain in familiar patterns. It can feel heavy, dense or stuck, as what is unconscious or asleep wants to be seen. Often we are stuck because of our interpretation or ‘story’ about what is going on. Blinded by certain patterns we cannot see, we believe that is just the way we are.

Clarity comes from meeting whatever is happening with aware presence. Being present has power in it and we gain true confidence with the willingness to be here with things as they are. Self-honesty is a key in looking deep enough to know what is really happening instead of overriding it or pushing it aside. What is not true is released simply, when noticed. As an old belief patterns is seen it becomes an effort to carry around. Awareness opens us to new possibilities that come with allowing uncertainty instead of holding on to the past.

The planetary aspects in effect this year reflect higher frequencies that will increase sensitivity and invite transformation and reform. This will rattle the old structures, and charge up our nervous systems, which can feel agitation. Typically, the mind will automatically search for a reason for this agitation so it can fix or get rid of it. If we get stuck in blame or shame it can go on much longer reinforcing our old beliefs. Instead, we can notice awareness so we can see these habits and patterns no matter what is going on in our daily life.

A new or fresh curiosity comes with openness and the recognition that anything can happen. This is different than seeking or hoping for something new. Hope contains doubt in it while allowing the new is where openness and surrender, life and death, meet as aliveness. We are here only for a brief time but we do not live that way. We have become so used to mechanical thinking and sleepwalking through life that we do not see it. When we begin to wake up out of this trance we see the miracle of both birth and death in all of life.

We have a choice in how we perceive life and this year makes that choice more obvious. If you feel really tired it may be resistance so just be honest with yourself. Notice how much effort and resistance it takes to hold back, to hold onto a past that is not nurturing you towards newness and evolving.

We can view life as chasing after time, a wasteland of mundane existence, or we can choose to live with the exhilaration of the opening to the unknown. Living in a new way is a simple shift although it may not be easy but our old ways will become increasingly difficult. Allowing a new perception invites a new way of living.