YYTT 2016!

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to share the news of the Spring start date for our wonderful YYTT 2016 program. Happiness is finding oneself, while following one’s love for yoga. When we first start taking a few steps into a new freedoms and possibilities, guidance and support can really help us to discover so much of what is here for us!

Yogaheart’s deep and transformative Yoga Teacher Training (YYTT) program not only offers skills and tools to deepen our practice and how to teach yoga, but also helps us to move forward in life with a greater sense of awareness and confidence. Delicately balanced to gently challenge us, while supporting us doing our inner and outer work with openness, self-kindness and enthusiasm, this program is both practical and life changing.

In such a context, we are more able foster the evolution that has been waiting for us. This program includes the physical side of yoga, but it is not limited to it. Those who are interested and ready for our program will also be drawing from a broader context of what yoga and life has to offer.

Thanks for your interest in Yogaheart programs!
Gratitude and namaste’
Mandee ॐ

Applications for the Apr to Nov 2016 YYTT are now available.
For more information, please visit to the YYTT page.

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