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In India, traditionally, if you wanted to dive deeper into Yoga Training you probably would have gone to live in a Gurukul (Yoga school). There, training would be part of daily routine. Some parts of yoga school would be practices for the body, other classes would be on philosophy, but because you lived there, you immerse yourself a little deeper, with more commitment.

With what is going on globally at the time, through the social isolation, we have a unique opportunity to try something from home. Since Yoga Training can continue online, there will be a few options that might be of interest to you.

This Spring, let us start with BREATHING. Why not? A regular practice for breathing is a good thing to do no matter what is going on in the world, and through yoga it can be fun too. And together it can be doable. Not to mention it can IMPROVE OUR IMMUNITY.

So I’m excited to offer this, and you are welcome to join in anytime. I will be taking attendance, and if you complete a Level, other courses may become available to you as these courses are cumulative. So feel free to join me in this upcoming series of classes. Let’s get up early and give it a try. Start the week with an immune boost and let’s see for ourselves. Yoga teaches us  that there is much we CAN do, and now, right from home.

PRANAYAMA & IMMUNITY (Start Dates and times currently being finalized)

Level 1: Weds & Fridays am   –  Introduction to Yogic Breathing
Instructions, Guidance, and Practice
You are welcome to keep taking this level each week until you decide to go to Level 2.

Level 2: Weds & Fridays am – Going Deeper
When your breathwork takes you deeper into early morning meditation, immune boosters, and alignments. How the practice of breathwork on a daily basis can change our lives mentally, emotionally, and physically.

These options are considered “Special Add-on” classes that can be added to your cart if you choose to participate.

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Yogaheart News Spring 2020
Information about Yogaheart programs can be found here:
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Upcoming courses will be announced.

Stay tuned for news and new add-ons each week!