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Mon Sept 19
Mon Oct 17
Mon Nov 21
Mon Dec 19

3 – 4 pm Eastern ( 12-1 pm Pacific)
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Sponsored by Polio Quebec and March of Dimes, all yoga sessions are led by Mandee Labelle of Yogaheart.

These classes have been created to help promote peace and well-being in our community. They are attended by all levels of experience, condition, and ability. In true yoga, it’s not about what we do, but how we do it. All classes are designed to be welcoming, informative, and relaxing.

How do I attend?

When it’s time to attend your online program, you can click here:

The Yogaheart Channel

or visit:

All classes are wonderfully provided FREE to you, courtesy of Polio Quebec and March of Dimes, Thank you!


Is Yoga for ME?

At first glance, here in the West we seem to think of yoga as gymnastics. It’s not. It’s a way of being, with ourselves, true to ourselves, kind to ourselves. We learn to apply the way of being with ourselves to gentle movements and breathing and see just what we CAN do!

Yoga was never meant to be anything but a way that can bring us true peace and well-being.

Some participants in our Yoga program were apprehensive to try it, but listen to Dorothy’s discovery!

Dorothy’s Story:

Post polio syndrome has required me to use a power wheelchair for daily living. My daughters and granddaughter recommended yoga to help me with fatigue and pain. My limited use of arms and legs meant their yoga program suggestions have been disappointing.

I found Mandee and Yoga For You, and discovered a key to yoga success!

Breathing! I can breathe, even with my physical limits. Partly because of Mandee; partly because of her program. Her reassuring  calm voice and manner have made a difference in my life. With “no pressure”, she guides our monthly online hours which are recorded. I can regularly practice the breathing techniques on my own. 

I find myself using Mandee’s exercises in my daily living. Firstly, I am relaxing, secondly I am “active”. Both are results of my recently discovered practice of yoga, Mandee style.

I also appreciate her step by step approach to different breathing techniques with explanations of their “whys and wherefores”. I feel I am moving along with my breathing because she adds to the breathing basics sequentially. I find myself repeating Mandee’s calming mantras. And my own mantra now is..….”I am OK!”

Because of Yoga for You, I feel better and join yoga adherents; family and friends, strong and weak. Do what you can and imagine you can, because that is a beginning.

Merci Mandee!

Merci Dorothy!!

And thank you everyone for being a part of the growing community! If you have any requests, comments or feedback, don’t hesitate to let us know. Take gentle care everyone!

Take care!