What are we practicing?

When we step onto a yoga mat or sit on a meditation cushion, I like to say that we’re practicing our practice. Often we call it a practice, and yet it can seem like as soon as we leave the practice room, it’s over.

Maybe it starts that way, but ultimately the greatest gifts of yoga and meditation can appear in the very nitty gritty of life. “But he’s highly aware…” a friend said to me the other day. “How do you know that?” I asked, since our whole conversation was about how she was taking care of all the details in their shared project because he just let things be ‘as they are’. “He meditates every day! He has a really strong practice!”

Practicing whatever our way to practice, is a practice of practice. Life is the yoga mat, wherever you are is the pose. Every day we reach up to the 2nd shelf for the dish and this stretch can extend the length of the body… every day we encounter our thoughts and we can make room around them, and within them with our breath. We interact with others and we can choose whether to believe what we think about them or not, and choose a view of spacious generosity. That we get together once or twice a week is to merely to strengthen a kind, patience, strong, healthy way of life.

…but i’m sure you know this 🙂

The last two weekends were amazing with activities at the new house in Lawrencetown. While I spend the Winter there, I hope to offer several things so that we can share in the view and the stillness that seems to pervade the house and property. It is a lovely place to practice our practice.

I’m working on the calendar. I should have it up by the end of the week, with more of a long term outlook. There will be an October newsletter coming out as well, so keep your email eyes peeled and if you haven’t signed up for it yet, please do with the newsletter sign up form at the top right of your screen.

Also, if you have any comments about the posts that I put up here, please feel free to share your thoughts.

Blessings to your week everyone.

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