Tonight we will celebrate the end of yet another joyful yoga season. Spring 2012 marks the 11th year that Yogaheart classes have been offered in HRM! If you would like to join the celebration with a little yoga fun, please come. The doors open at 5:45pm.

TONIGHT June 14th, last class.
6-7:15 pm Yoga Empower Hour
7:30-8:45 pm Yoga of Awakening
61 Dundas, Dartmouth.

Between June 15 and July 21, there will be a Summer break in the schedule. We can look forward to late July when the new schedule will be posted. In the meantime, I will send news and calendar updates via the YOGAHEART | Newsletters. Feel free to keep in touch and send comments, questions, or feedback through the EMAIL link above.

Be well. Take good care of your precious Self 🙂

“The spiritual task we are given is a simple one: to attend to that inner spark of radiance, to hold vigil over it until we realize it to be ourself, and to dig up and cast off all argument we have with its love.” ~ Adyashanti