“It occurs to me, that striving to walk upon an ever expanding Pathway of Thankfulness brings infinite liberation. It’s necessary that we catch ourselves when we become obsessed with feelings of loneliness or isolation, when doubt, uncertainty, and anxiety threatens our Peace, when fear constricts the Heart. In such moments, we need to place these things upon the Altar of Truth within us and ask, ask with humble expectancy for the shift into gratitude. Ask to see in another way. Ask for the necessary understanding, which leads to True Wisdom, to experience within our Soul, how all things conspire to set us free.

Come to this place often. Enter into this space everyday, at least, for a few moments. Here, how can we have anything but gratitude for each experience in our lives, no matter how difficult and challenging some of them may be. Gratitude allows us to embrace all aspects of our lives. This leads to wholeness. How could it be otherwise? If we wish only to select those parts which make us happy (according to our ever changing perceived needs). Then we maintain ancient fractures and separations within ourselves.”

~ Carl Big Heart