Announcement: Coming this September 2014…
the all new Yogaheart’s Yoga Teacher Training (YYTTYYTT

Set in the beautiful atmosphere of the Oakwood House on Lake Banook, sessions, classes, and modules will be offered to:
support, assist, discover and develop ourselves through teachings, practices, dialogues and  exercises in the interest and pursuit of self-understanding and growth.
– deepen our knowledge, practice, and experience of the plentiful gifts that yoga has to offer.
– give us teaching communication skills and tools that can be used professionally with confidence by the end of the program.

YALogoThis 200 hour YYTT program will be offering Yoga from the Heart of Understanding and true to the fullness of the tradition. Upon graduation, participants will receive a certificate as a Certified Yoga Instructor fulfilling and exceeding the standards set by Yoga Alliance.

The syllabus and itinerary will be posted here shortly showing the various courses and modules, and their dates and times, as well as how many hours per module will be offered.

In brief, there will be three main tracks:

Existing Yoga teachers and experienced practitioners are invited to apply for certain specialty modules of the training to upgrade or add to their existing certificates. Please revisit soon for more information.

Thank you for your interest in this exciting program.
To download an application, click here: yytt application