Private Yoga

Private sessions are ideal for those who wish to have personalized yoga instruction.

A one-to-one private yoga session allows time to focus and address your unique goals and needs.

Through personalized yoga instruction, we can look at what you are experiencing on a multi-level approach. Often levels of experience such as physical, mental, and emotional reflect each other, and through the broadness of yoga, we can look at things holistically. Mandee offers a fresh approach through combining 18 years of yoga & meditation, a psychology degree, with her love of Advaita Vedanta.

Together we can look at ways of improving health and discovering true happiness. We have on one hand the infinite variety of exercises and recommendations from yoga, and on the other we have the possibility of looking more directly at what is going on for you.

Each session will provide you with insight, and if you like, a yoga prescription to practice. Ultimately, we can look to address both the root and symptoms of whatever we are working through together, promoting health and well-being on all the levels.

In-home sessions are adaptable to you, your routine, and your environment.


Options: Skype (local or international), in-person, or by telephone.
Email or call 902-229-9642 for more info or to book an appointment.

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