If you are looking for support, one-to-one sessions may be a way to explore your current situation.

We are all on our journey of unfolding. My teacher once said we forgot to have fun. It would simply be easy to say, unless we are open to recognizing something much deeper in ourselves. In order to truly live, we must be willing to be open to seeing how life is on our side, not only in theory, but in day-to-day life. Slowly we open up to seeing how the challenges we encounter are not only manageable, but how we can welcome life and move with it.

One-to-one sessions can be be a personalized way to support and enhance daily life. It can also be dedicated time to share in the investigation of our true nature.

Whether your focus is mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual, we can draw from several traditions and explore the current situation through:

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I have had the opportunity to work with Mandee one-to-one online for the past three years.  During this time, Mandee’s empathic and compassionate nature helped me navigate concerns around emotion regulation, parenting, grieving, to name a few.  She has introduced me to the importance of self-compassion and learning to forgive one’s self…”hand on my heart” continues to be my mantra.  Thank you Mandee for sharing such comforting and worldly wisdom.” ~ P.S.



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