I am grateful to be in connection with you.  Whether it be on the street, on the mat, through this email, over a cup of tea, at an event, in passing, it doesn’t matter what or where…  when we connect, there is presence.  I have realized that above all, just to be present with each other, there is no greater gift.

Presence is when you smell the air, hear the birds, and notice things around you and in you.  Presence is when you are there for yourself, compassionately, during a moment of discomfort to see what life is trying to show you.  Presence is when you are there for others, without ‘shoulds’ or advice, even mentally, allowing great space for whatever that person needs.  Presence is how we love and what we give our loved ones.  Presence is the wisdom that arises when you stop worrying and just ‘know’ what the next step is.  Presence is what you are beyond any idea of yourself…  its essence is here and now always, always was…  and it is peaceful.

And to abide in Presence, that is, to have everything we deeply long for, the peace and the love…  it is not by doing, but moreso by not doing all the things that keep us from what is already here.  Just stop, take a deep breath, return to the moment, and there you are/it is.