Offering Freedom

There are many methods for discovering the wellspring of peace & freedom that is ever available. Lately my method of choice is to offer freedom.

A bird comes in to view, I send blessings of freedom. My favourite cup falls from the counter and shatters and I picture the freedom of how cups break so perfectly. A phone call from a family member stirs up old wounds, and I extend her the freedom to say and think anything. I didn’t get the email I was expecting… the author is just so free in my eyes and the computer itself too. Every time I feel a little tightness, I practice responding by searching where might there be a nook I can squeeze a little freedom into… a cranny… soon it begins to feel so good to give it! And even the good stuff too, my friends are free to love and support me. Chocolate pudding is definitely free to taste good. And it’s all free to begin and end on it’s own schedule.

Everything seems to become a little lighter. Even me with me, because soon enough I notice I’m offering myself great swaths of freedom too… I’m ok, I’m ok. This too, is ok, just the way it is. It’s all free to just be, and I am free to be me. Finally.