Jai Ma!

In this time and all times, in this culture and all cultures, variations of the sound ‘Ma’ have represented the energy of Mother. This curiously reveals something fundamental not only in the sound, but in it’s essence that touches all life on earth deeply.

Just as we were all born from a mother into the physical world, into our individual families…  we were also born, into physical existence, into our bigger family of humans, birds, other animals, plants, insects, and trees.  We all draw upon the nourishing love and gifts of Mother Earth for our health and wellbeing.

Much of yoga involves expanding our awareness from the individual to the wider view. This Mother’s Day, perhaps you might want to chant to the great Mother of us all, which includes all the mothers, and express your love and gratitude with the Sanskrit words, ‘Jai Ma!’


May we walk in the light of full awareness and gratitude of the gifts of Mother Earth… from the pebbles to the emeralds, from the oceans to the sky. Thank you Great Mother for the unconditional love that surrounds us always.