Frequently Asked Questions

Nature Awareness and Yoga 2023 – FAQ

Life is always here for us.

And there is a way to really notice this, even when things are tough.  Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration, support, encouragement and like-minded community to help us see this, and to keep seeing it.

What we do here in this upcoming program is actually a natural process, but only if we want it. We have to want it! We have to want peace inside. We have to want to go beyond our mental constructions and really be willing to give life a chance. We must have a strong desire for something more in this life than what most people settle for. The desire to live more deeply is the call of life itself within us.

And when we take a step towards ourselves in this way and listen to our heart, life will respond. You’ll see.

Come, let this monthly program offer you support, energy, and inspiration to connect with the truth within, and the courage it takes to live from there in daily life.

What is it?

An online course that you can join at the beginning of any month. It consists of 4 sessions, and 2 homework challenges per month.

When does it run?

Starting this Wednesday, January 4th, 2023, and will continue throughout the year, except July and August 2023.

Who is it for? Who is eligible?

This program is for anyone with the desire to step out of some of the ways modern society pulls us. We do not need to leave our life situation in order to rediscover our situation from a different perspective. This program is for anyone who wishes to live in even greater alignment with something more natural.

You do not need to have yoga experience to join this class. Some experience can be an asset, however you are also welcome to join in on a weekly hatha yoga class if you would like to deepen your knowledge and experience of the physical practice.

If you are unsure whether you meet the eligibility, you are welcome to request a private meeting to talk about it.

Do I need to purchase anything to take this class?

Yes. You will require the following course materials:

What certification will I receive?

This is not a certification program, however attendance is taken each session and homework participation will be recorded. Your participation in this program is cumulative, and will count as special credits for future Yogaheart School certification programs.

What is the tuition?

The monthly program fee $100 for all 4 sessions.
There is a half-month option for $50 for those who wish to attend the first class and then only one Saturday, or one Sunday.

Dates for 2023:

Month: Wed, Sat, Sun, Mon
January: 4, 7, 15, & 30
February: 1, 4, 12, & 27
March: 1, 4, 12, & 27
April: 5, 8, 16, & 24
May: 3, 6, 14, & 29
June: 7, 10, 18, & 26
July/August: Summer In-Person program in Halifax, Nova Scotia
September dates will be posted here later in the year.
If you have any other questions, contact us.