Introduction to Pranayama

April 1, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

One-time Introduction to Pranayama Class, this Wednesday, April 1st. 9 – 10 am on Zoom.

Free Introductory Offer – for all to try.

In this class, we will breath together and inspire ourselves about what we can expect in the upcoming Add-On class starting next week called Pranayama and Immunity.

This new Breathing and Immunity series will run on Wed the 8th and Fri the 10th at 9am Atlantic standard time. Details will be posted shortly.

* If you attend this Introduction to Pranayama, at some time during the broadcast you will be given a secret coupon code to unlock discounts in the upcoming Breathing and Immunity series. Tune in for lots of fun stuff!


  • Come and Go. Respectfully, you are welcome to join or leave the meeting if you must without disturbing other participants.
  • What’s your name? Please identify yourself by entering a username if you can.
  • Watch your Microphone. Make sure your microphone is muted at all times unless you are asking a question or part of a dialogue.
  • Cameras On makes it fun! But you are also welcome to turn your camera on and off at will. It won’t disturb the broadcast to change these settings. In your profile settings, you can find an option to choose a nice picture for your Zoom Camera Off profile picture.
  • If you need help with any of the settings, you can make an appointment with me 20 minutes before almost any broadcast. Just let me know.

When you are ready to join the meeting, click on:

Join Zoom Meeting  –>
Meeting ID: 902 229 9642


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