… a Friday message

Well folks… it was a sweet Spring Yoga session in April. Last night as I locked up the old Parish Hall, I paused and thanked the space. Such a beautiful building.

And now! Packing the last few things for my trip to California! It is hard to believe…

For those who are interested in finding out more about Francis Lucille, you can visit his website and check him out on you tube. If you are interested in participating in online satsang with Francis Lucille, you need to sign in to a website called Meet Up, then join the group called Advaita, and select the event you would like to attend. There is a cost to some events, but some are free.

Also, Adyashanti also offers wonderful online events. His website is www.adyashanti.org and next Wednesday April 25 at 10pm (6pmPST) Adyashanti will be offering a free video webcast where he also takes calls during the program near the end. This all takes place in CafeDharma. Last but not least, you can visit the Library and go back and download free recordings of certain talks Adyashanti has given. These talks are beautiful and quite a gift to have available. See for yourself 🙂

Taking technology to the cushion 😉 What an ecologically friendly and far reaching way to connect!
Take care everyone!!!

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