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I just had a really good on-air conversation with Billy, a native elder in the Mi’kmaq community along with Florestine Bird, Spiritual Water Walker on the Yogaheart Radio Show. It was a beautiful afternoon about a hard but wondrous topic, Water. It felt good to talk about something that seems to require our immediate attention. Then again, it does seem like everything could use a little attention, love, and gratitude these days.

So we talked about the water and the upcoming Water Walk on Sunday May 8th at 1pm in Point Pleasant Park.  And we also talked about the potential of further ‘exploration’ of shale gas in Nova Scotia, it’s hazards and disastrous effects on the environment.

What is hard for me is not the words or the ideas about what is being seen right now. Let’s talk about things!
What is hard for me is not even the what, why, how or who might be steering these mighty corporate industries… Let’s expose things!

What i’d like however is to see an emerging and far-reaching ability to just Stop.
and breathe.
…on equally epic proportions.

We say that ‘they’ cut down trees, as we buy, as they cut, as we drive, as they drill, like mirrors in the dance of activity… Perhaps, indeed, we are all innocent, and learning, and not quite sure what to do about it all, yet it seems the time is now–always now–to open… to wake up.

I wonder what would happen if we re-aquainted ourselves with the simple joys, and just Stop.
and breathe. Couldn’t hurt to just …  do less.
And love more.

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