Mandee Labelle is a yoga teacher, guide, and lover of life. After completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology at McGill in 2001, Mandee discovered a deep interest in yoga and its ability to meet people with a multitude of interests from all walks of life. She discovered how yoga could go beyond some of the limitations of modern psychology as a way of addressing the root of things through its amazing palette of tools, techniques, and approaches that help us to balance, evolve, grow, and find greater health and peace on a daily basis. An exercise program for some, a way into meditation for others, a healing program for many… and hopefully, ultimately,–if one is interested–a path of awakening to our true nature.

Her deep dive into the study and practice of yoga began 18 years ago, through a full and rich intensive 350 hour certification program offered by the Chakra Yoga Centre in Victoria, BC. It was a great program that offered a broader view of yoga that included, but also went beyond Hatha Yoga. Her training included 9 yogas (hatha, jnana, pranayama, karma, raja, yantra, mantra, laya, and bhakti). The program was developed and taught by Yogacharyas David Goulet and Marina Halleran. David’s teacher was Swami Gitananda, a medical doctor whose yoga lineage derived from the ancient Sat Chakra Nirupana (1526CE). After graduation, Mandee made her way to the East Coast of Canada and settled in Nova Scotia where she still practices and teaches yoga with unending joy and enthusiasm to this day.

In 2011 Mandee met Francis Lucille attending his Summer retreat at Omega in southern New York State. How wonderful that was! And what it began is hard to describe, however the essence of what was shared continues to unfold and be reflected in her classes with her joy, freedom, and love of Advaita Vedanta in the lineage of Francis Lucille and Jean Klein. Mandee continues to attend yoga retreats with Francis yearly.

Dedicated student of yoga, life, psychology, energy, meditation, and consciousness, Mandee shares from her heart and delivers classes that suit anyone who is ready to pause–and realign with the truth within themselves. “Yoga is amazing. This wise and ancient practice offers a wide variety of methods to support healthy living and clarity of mind.  It speaks to different people in different ways. The fundamental teaching of Yoga is to discover the ultimate wisdom within your own heart. The physical practice can be joyous and rejuvenating to all levels of ability. I like to create safe, open spaces for people to find what they are looking for.” 

Yogaheart was founded in 2001 by Mandee Labelle E-RYT500, and in 2014 Yogaheart grew into a school that offers classes, teacher training, specialty programs, as well as continuing education for yoga teachers.